OSHW Certification Mark Usage

The Open Source Hardware Association Certification Mark can be by projects certified through the OSHWA self-certification program.

OSHW Certification Mark in use

This mark is designed to work in a variety of sizes and mediums, since we want you to be able to use it wherever you’d like to celebrate your certification- from circuit boards to billboards and everything in between. You can start using this mark after your project has been certified and you’ve received a UID. This page covers the mark’s usage guidelines and artwork.


Mark anatomy

The mark consists of two parts: the OSHW logo and the project’s unique identifier (UID). The UID is assigned once your project’s certification application is approved and has a two letter country code followed by a six digit number.

Mark variants

You can use the mark in a “stacked” or “wide” layout depending on the context. The logo is required but the project UID is optional, although highly encouraged. You can also leave out leading zeros if you’d like, for example, you can shorten US000001 to US1.


Mark colors

When using the logo in color, use graphite and coral:

rgba(51, 51, 51, 1)rgba(255, 68, 68, 1)
hsl(0deg, 0%, 20%)hsl(0deg, 100%, 64%)
hsv(0deg, 0%, 20%)hsv(0°, 73%, 100%)
cymk(0%, 0%, 0%, 80%)cymk(0%, 73%, 73%, 0%)

When color isn’t possible or preferable, you can use the mark in black, white, or gray.

Mark in monochrome


For plaintext situations, you can represent the mark as [OSHW], similar to how the copyright symbol, ©, can be represented as (c). For example:

[OSHW] US000001 | Certified open source hardware | oshwa.org/cert

Design files

Each project in the certification directory includes ready-to-use mark images in SVG and PNG format, however, if you’d like to use the design source files directly they’re available in the oshwa/certification-mark repository. This repository also includes files for common EDA programs, such as KiCAD and EAGLE.


The mark was based on ideas submitted by the OSHWA community and primarily on the design submitted by Matt Maier. Thanks to everyone who provided input!

The typeface is Deja Vu Sans Mono which is freely and permissively licensed. The mark was designed in Inkscape, an open source vector graphics editor.

License agreement

The terms covering the use of the mark are part of the license agreement governing the overall certification application.